November 3, 2019 - Tape & Label

Do Your Wine Labels Appeal to Millennials?

As the millennial generation gains prominence in the marketplace, many wine companies look to establish brand loyalty among this buying group. Using wine labels that appeal to them is one way to do so. Find out how your wine labels can appeal to millennials and boost brand loyalty:

Wine Labels That Use New Designs

Many young people in the millennial generation are being drawn to packaging that is:

  • Comical
  • Modern
  • Artistic

To speak to these interests, consider designing creative wine labels that use:

  • Etchings and Photography

Large, single color etchings, woodcuts or illustrations are one popular packaging design style that appeals to millennials. These wine labels combine whimsy with sophistication, which appeals to this buying group.

Black and white photography is also being used to stand out and convey a dramatic look among other wine labels.

  • Storytelling

Brands that have their own personality are also appealing to millennials. For wine companies, this means using labels that:

    • are consistent with brand identity
    • tell a story and convey meaning

Wine Labels That Use New Materials

In addition to new label designs, consider different types of label materials that stand out and catch consumers’ eyes. These label stocks include:

  • uncoated stocks, which offer a unique appeal to traditional, glossy looks
  • pressure sensitive labels, which can be designed with differentiation in mind

This differentiation and uniqueness significantly appeals to the millennial generation and can help boost brand loyalty.

Wine Labels That Use Innovative Adhesive Technologies

While new designs and materials help wine labels appeal to millennials, these labels are only as successful as the adhesive used to bond them to the bottle. Consider using label adhesives that can keep up with changing design and material needs. Get in touch with a Bostik representative today to make it a reality.

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