June 5, 2017 - Building & Construction

3 Leading Window and Door Sealant Technologies

With demand for doors and windows, the use of sealant needs will increase as well. Take a look at some door and window sealant technologies, and learn about the smart sealant choice.

Polyurethane Door and Window Sealant Technology

Polyurethane sealants for door and window applications offer strong bonding capabilities. Ideal for glazing or construction joints, these types of sealants also are highly flexible.

This flexibility is especially important in enabling the door and window sealant to expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate. Without the capability for movement, the sealant would crack.

Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) Door and Window Sealant Technology

SMP door and window sealants are versatile and can be used in a variety of installation applications. Possessing a high bond and peel strength, these sealants are also isocyanate-free and offer high UV and temperature resistance.

Additionally, SMP door and window sealants provide excellent durability of adhesion with limited surface treatment. This makes them an efficient option for builders to use.

window sealant

Silicone Door and Window Sealant Technology

Like SMP technology, silicone sealant technology is also isocyanate-free. These products are best suited for applications such as concrete and natural stone, which tend to be more sensitive.

Additionally, silicone sealants can come in low and mid modulus ranges with differing elasticity depending on the application.

Smart Door and Window Sealant Technology

Bostik’s door and window sealants offer the following benefits:

  • Easy to handle, apply and extrude
  • Varying application temperatures, handling times and curing rates
  • Cross-linking capabilities

In addition to weatherproofing homes and buildings, these sealants also increase production capacity and lower overall costs.

For more information on Bostik’s door and window sealant technology, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us.

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