June 16, 2017 - Flexible Packaging

Dual Ovenable Lidding Film Market Dynamics

As cited in Future Market Insights, the global dual ovenable lidding films market is predicted to see a CAGR of 6.1% from now until 2027. Offering many benefits, from increased convenience and improved safety, it’s understandable why more packaging manufacturers are using these materials.

Let’s take a closer look at this market’s dynamics.

Dual Ovenable Lidding Film Growth Factors

Dual ovenable lidding offers a revolutionary way to package food for the microwave or oven and increase its shelf life. As consumers gravitate toward meals that are ready to eat in minutes, this type of lidding will experience continued growth.

Another contributing factor in its growth is the lidding’s ability to reduce the complications associated with packaging processed food. As consumers care more about food safety, this aspect will cause increased consumer demand as well.

dual ovenable lidding

Dual Ovenable Lidding Film Materials Market Share Dynamics

Future Market Insights reports that PET and PP dual ovenable lidding film types are anticipated to hold the vast majority of the market share in the forecast period.

This is due to PET’s ability to offer:

  • Good chemical resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Improved moisture barrier properties

Additionally, PP films offer:

  • Good water barrier
  • Superior transparency
  • Migration resistance

Furthermore, it’s predicted that peelable films over permanent seals will be dominant.

Dual Ovenable Lidding Film Market Share Dynamics

From now through 2027, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to experience significant growth. This is due to the region’s packaging industrialization. However, North America and Europe, two mature markets, will continue to hold the top two spots in terms of dual ovenable lidding volume.

As demand for products packaged with dual ovenable lidding film continues to grow, it’s important that manufacturers use the right materials that meet consumer needs. For example, choosing the right adhesive ensures:

  • Excellent seal through food particles
  • Ability to self vent, or release steam
  • Easy and smooth peel

Bostik formulates adhesives ideal for dual ovenable lidding film applications. For more information on these products and how they help improve packaging overall, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us.

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