April 26, 2021 - Rigid Packaging

VIDEO: Easily Achieve Compostable To-Go Packaging With Thermogrip® 43298

Easily Achieve Compostable To-Go Packaging with Thermogrip 43298 from Bostik on Vimeo.

Compostable packaging has been difficult to achieve, because material limitations provided little room for innovative designs that could achieve BPI-certification. Now, Bostik’s Thermogrip 43298, the first-ever BPI-certified compostable adhesive on the market can help you easily create 100% compostable packaging. This enables you to meet market trends, expand your product line and reduce shipping costs for your packaging.

Want to learn more about how Thermogrip 43298 can benefit your packaging? Contact a Bostik representative to trial it today.

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