March 27, 2020 - Assembly

Want to Improve Medical Facemask Manufacturing and Performance?

In today’s climate, medical facemask demand is skyrocketing, making it difficult for manufacturers to keep up. Fortunately, the right adhesive can help make manufacturing processes easier while also enhancing overall facemask performance.

How Bostik’s Web Adhesives Improve Facemask Manufacturing

  • Improved Process Flexibility

Web adhesives offer excellent adhesion to a variety of nonwoven materials. As a result, they provide process and performance advantages, including ease of use for bonding or laminating nonwovens in medical facemask assemblies.

  • Simplified Production Methods

Additionally, we’re able to provide manufacturers with our web adhesives already in web form. This means that manufacturers need only equipment for heat activation. They do not need to invest time, money or resources into further bonding application equipment.  

Further, our web adhesives undergo strict quality control processes before being sent to manufacturers. These processes reduce scrap waste and potential plant variations, delivering a consistent, high quality product that’s ready for assembly.

Check out this blog post to learn more about our quality control processes.

  • Increased Manufacturing Speeds

Because our web adhesives are easy and fast to apply, manufacturing speeds can be increased and production time shortened. Manufacturers are able to produce more medical facemasks in less time.

medical facemasks
Side view of young female surgeon tying her surgical mask

How Bostik’s Web Adhesives Enhance Overall Facemask Performance

  • Flexible Porosity

Bostik’s web adhesives possess low basis weight. This means that manufacturers can choose the ideal level of porosity to meet their specific medical facemask application needs. Each medical facemask is then able to offer the needed performance level for its required usage.

  • Customized Bonding

Additionally, Bostik’s web adhesives can be customized into any size or shape. In addition to making manufacturing processes easier, this capability ensures that each hospital facemask has the ideal amount of adhesive needed for optimal performance.

Want to learn more? Contact a Bostik expert today to see how our web adhesives for hospital facemasks can help you! You can also view this relevant content to learn more about our web adhesives:

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