January 25, 2016 - Building & Construction

Factors Driving Construction Sealants Industry Growth

When elastomeric sealants were first introduced in the 1950s, they revolutionized the construction industry. No longer relying on oil-based caulking systems, which became brittle with age and had limited mobility, architects, contractors and builders now had products that were easy to work with, long lasting, flexible and durable.

Since then, the sealants industry and its products’ capabilities have only grown. With applications ranging from expansion joints to balconies, construction sealants have become an integral part of the building process.

So, what are the factors driving the construction sealants industry growth?

Recovery in U.S. Construction Industry

American Institute of Architects cites new demand in commercial and industrial building for 2016, with a projected 10.4% increase. Requests for institutional buildings, such as education and health care facilities, are expected to rise 5.4% as well. This will mark the first year since the recession that every major building category is projected to see an increase. More sealants will be needed to complete these projects, since they are are an integral part of the building process.iStock_000019733195Large

Pressures to Develop Eco-Friendly Construction Sealants

Sealant manufacturers are facing increasing governmental pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and effectively manage waste. As a result, they are replacing traditional construction sealants with new ones that have reduced CO2 emissions and enhanced energy efficiency. By doing so, they have increased construction sealants’ manufacturing levels.

Construction Activity in Developing Countries

Strong construction growth in developing countries is fueling the demand for polyurethane sealants. These sealants have great elasticity and structural integrity characteristics, making them ideal for building modular homes.

As the construction sealants industry continues to grow, architects, contractors and builders will need to ensure they are using the right products for the job. Check out our blog for tips on cold-weather caulking and the importance of jobsite adhesion testing.

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