June 29, 2016 - Building & Construction

Featured Construction Adhesive Product: HDCA

Before laying down a new floor, it’s important to ensure the subfloor has been properly installed. According to Modern Home Guide, a subfloor:

  • Absorbs moisture
  • Provides cushion and sound absorption
  • Adds structural or foundational support, which helps prevent squeaks and cracks

Using the right adhesive for subfloor assembly aids in proper installation and prevents long-term problems. Let’s take a look at why Bostik Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive (HDCA) is an integral part of subfloor construction.

What is Bostik HDCA?

Bostik HDCA is a one-component, premium grade polyurethane specifically formulated for subfloor and floor joist assemblies, from site erected structures to factory constructed modular and mobile homes. Some of HDCA’s benefits include:

  • Minimal odor
  • Bonds to wet and frozen lumber
  • Easy gunning
  • Will not damage foam
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Tested to ASTMD3498 and AFG-01/HUD UM60

HDCA offers several distinctions over solvent-based subfloor adhesives, making it the smart choice for subfloor assemblies. These distinctions are:

During Installation:

Solvent-based adhesives require a two-step “venting method” in order to adhere subfloor panels to beams. In addition to added installation time, solvent-based adhesives evaporate solvents into the air. This means that less adhesive remains bonding the two structures together, and solvents are released into the air.

HDCA, on the other hand, only requires one step to properly adhere the panel to the beams. This speeds up installation time. HDCA also has fast cure at low temperatures.


In order to achieve optimal performance, a subfloor adhesive must demonstrate:

  • Superb adhesive strength to wood in wet, frozen or other altered state
  • Adequate flexibility to withstand tensile and shear forces acting upon the junction between struts and panels
  • Ability to remain flexible and not embrittle

Bostik’s HDCA is able to meet and exceed these requirements. It also has achieved ASTM D3498 and AFG-01 independent third party testing, which refer to the product’s ability to bond to frozen and treated lumber.

Environmentally Friendly:

Bostik’s HDCA meets all state and federal VOC regulations, meaning there are little to no volatile organic compounds present. These regulations are in place to help improve air quality and people’s health.

Solvent-based adhesives, however, may have up to 45% solvents. This makes them less environmentally friendly than Bostik’s HDCA, which contains only up to 6%.

Bostik’s HDCA also contributes to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program.

Other Applications for HDCA:

In addition to subfloor assemblies, Bostik’s HDCA works well for:

  • Stair treads
  • Furring strips
  • Countertops
  • Tile board components

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