October 25, 2015 - Aerospace

Finding Value in a SMART Alternative

In our recent post, The Versatility of Web Adhesives, we shared a basic profile of Bostik’s web adhesives and described the benefits of these converted products. Web adhesives have been part of Bostik’s portfolio for many years, alongside liquid, hot melt, and film products. Because of the uniqueness of the web products offered by Bostik, we wanted to highlight a couple of new products that are particularly unique to Bostik’s web adhesive portfolio.

Sharnet® web adhesives are one of the web options Bostik offers and has been making since the late 1990s – when the modified blown film capability was added. The ability to use compounded resin or alloys has allowed Bostik to supply unique products to a variety of markets for applications where general web adhesive did not have the properties necessary to make a strong bond. In addition to expanding the adhesion properties compared to general web adhesives, the ability to introduce other additives into the blend further expanded the range of applications for these specialty adhesive products.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.37.50 AM

Flame Retardant Web Adhesives

Flame retardant adhesive options are important in a variety of markets. Bostik offers flame retardant (FR) adhesives in liquid form. For some applications, this might be the SMART solution. For other applications, the added labor of applying the adhesive and presence of solvents might be prohibitive. Bostik is pleased to introduce new FR Sharnet® web adhesives as a unique delivery method of FR adhesive combined with the convenience and benefits of a web adhesive:

  • SH4275FR-A 

This web adhesive is based on a high-performance polyester polymer that is further processed into a flame retardant web adhesive. Recommended for use in aerospace laminates and skin to core composites, this Sharnet® web adhesive might be a suitable replacement for traditional hot melt polyester or solvated adhesives in thermoplastic composite construction. SH4275FR-A provides a good adhesive bond with various composites, textile materials, and urethane foam and is resistant to plasticizer migration.

  • SPA145FR-A 

This web adhesive is based on a high-performance polyamide polymer enhanced with flame retardant compounds. This Sharnet® web adhesive is recommended for laminates and skin to core composites for aerospace applications. SPA145FR-A is also well-suited for textile laminates due to the additional flame retardancy, good wash and dry clean resistance, and ability to bond well to textile materials, urethane foam, and plasticized vinyl.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.31.42 PM

When compared to non-FR web adhesives (left) in a vertical burn test (FAR25.853), Bostik’s FR Sharnet® web adhesives (right) provide an additional flame retardant layer in composite and laminate construction.

Both the SH4275FR-A and SPA145FR-A have a place in aerospace applications to provide an added layer of FR protection. Bostik believes in being bold and encourages customers in other markets (e.g. clothing, furniture, home décor, automotive) to consider how our flame retardant Sharnet® web adhesives might play a part in providing the bond in new and existing applications.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.58.07 AM

With safety a top priority at Bostik, being able to provide an added layer of protection in our customers’ applications with flame retardant Sharnet® web adhesives seems like a SMART solution to us.

For SMART help or to request a sample of one of the web adhesives described above, please contact Bostik at 1-800-7-BOSTIK.

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