November 30, 2021 - Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging Film: Avoid These Packaging Production Problems

Today’s packages are getting more complex, offering transparency, resealability and more. As these packages get more complex, so do flexible packaging film processes. Follow these simple tips to cut converting complexity and simplify flexible packaging processes without impacting end-use packaging performance.

Consider a Two-in-One Product

To achieve package transparency and a secure bond, many packaging converters use two products, an anti-fog coating and a heat seal product.

Consider using one flexible packaging film product that can accomplish both needs. In doing so, you’ll reduce the number of processing steps, cut machine time in half, decrease SKU volume and simplify flexible packaging processes.

Think About Blocking First

Additionally, select materials that are low blocking. This will mitigate converting complexity that stems from this common problem. Materials that are susceptible to blocking can significantly impact shipping and logistics and make these processes more complex. Further, they can also lead to downtime and production issues.

Flexible packaging film materials that are low blocking, on the other hand, make it easier and less complex for you to ship, store and use them.

simplify flexible packaging

Ensure Material Compatibility

Further, many flexible packaging film converters may be using an LDPE sealing layer to seal traditional lidding films to common PET trays. In addition to posing compatibility issues, this process increases converting complexity. Ensure you use materials that don’t require additional layers to be added to achieve needed functionality. For example, certain PET-based heat seal coatings can be applied directly to rigid PET trays without a sealing layer needed.

Talk to Your Suppliers

It also is a good idea to work closely with your suppliers to ensure all packaging components are designed for streamlined, simplified converting processes. Bostik works directly with customers to ensure their production lines run efficiently and effectively and formulates packaging adhesives and coatings ideal for:

  • Reducing SKU volume and material usage
  • Increasing production line speeds
  • Mitigating downtime issues and complexity

Contact a Bostik expert today to learn how we can help simplify your flexible packaging converting processes, and view this relevant helpful content:

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