October 28, 2016 - Assembly

Food and Beverage Air Filtration Market and its Adhesives

According to Grand View Research, the global food and beverage air filtration market was valued at $838.1 million in 2015 and has been continually growing. Let’s take a look at this market’s dynamics and the role adhesives play within it.

Demand for Improved Food and Beverage Quality

As government regulations and consumer health concerns rise, manufacturers have had to improve the technology used during the food and beverage production process. In particular, this has meant increased installation of air filters in the manufacturing plants.

Filters help remove germs and viruses. For example, specialized filters are able to produce sterile air. By installing these new filters, air quality is improved and decreased levels of microorganisms are present during food and beverage production.

Need to Reduce Energy Consumption

Replacing air filters on a consistent basis helps keep energy costs low and systems running effectively. Doing so also lowers the risk of system failure, allowing for better heat dissipation and cooler equipment levels. Additionally, they help remove moisture and improve production processes across various applications.


Adhesives Used in Food and Beverage Air Filtration Assembly

Adhesives play an important role in the assembling of air filtration systems. Certain adhesive applications include:

  • End cap bonding
  • First pleat/last pleat
  • Pleating
  • Spiral bead
  • Frame assembly
  • Gasket (foam-in-place)
  • Media lamination

Several types of adhesives can be used in air filter assembly, such as:

  • Polyolefin
  • Web

Bostik offers a wide variety of adhesive technologies to serve all filter needs. With excellent heat resistance, our filtration adhesives offer long open time, very good hot tack and a high melting point. Additionally, manufacturers can utilize these adhesives on a variety of substrates including plastics, metal and paper. We also have the potential to include additives for secondary qualities including fragrance, flame retardancy and color adjustments. For more information on Bostik’s adhesives for air filtration systems, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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