October 24, 2013 - Flexible Packaging

Form, Fill and Seal Packaging from Bostik

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Form, Fill & Seal Innovation Offers Customers More for Less

Customer service may be an old-fashioned term, but the idea behind it never goes out of style.

At Bostik, our research and formulation teams are always hard at work finding ways to improve our customers’ experience with our products. Sometimes those innovations alter the product formulation; sometimes they alter product form.

One such recent product form innovation is FFS packaging, which stands for “Form, Fill and Seal.” This new packageless packaging system, which replaces the tray-based packaging on many of our hot-melt adhesives, significantly reduces waste, while streamlining the melt tank operator’s job and providing numerous other benefits for our valued industrial business customers.

Same Performance, Less Packaging

Throughout the innovation process that resulted in FFS packaging, Bostik maintained its commitment to the integrity and reliability of product formulation. Customers who have relied on our tray-based hot-melt adhesives will find no alteration in performance of the adhesive itself. What has changed is the form.

“About a pound of adhesive is encapsulated in a film that is non-tacky,” explains Lianne Streng, product line manager for Bostik’s industrial business unit. “The product form allows the package to be put directly into the shipping box, so there’s no internal packaging in the box.”

Same Task, Less Time

Streng goes on to note that once the box of FFS-packaged adhesive arrives at the customer’s plant, melt tank operators can remove the product right from the box and drop it into the tank with no lost time for packaging removal. The non-tacky film which encases the adhesive dissolves, releasing the product inside without any adverse effects to product performance.

There are no trays, and no messy powders that get all over the floor, possibly causing a slip hazard. With FFS packaging, unpacking and preparing a hot-melt adhesive is as simple as taking it out of the box.

Same Results, Less Risk

Some customers have asked about the issue of char: unwanted residue which sometimes forms when adhesives are exposed to oxygen and significant amounts of heat. Bostik is proud to assert that the FFS packaging system actually reduces char formation in the melting tank.

Because FFS is a solid block of adhesive, it locks out the excess air that is often trapped inside bags of pastilles. Less air in the melt tank means less opportunity for char to form.

Same Price, Less Waste

With all the benefits of the new FFS packaging, it might be surprising that the price will remain largely the same. And customers’ pocketbooks aren’t the only benefactor.

Because the new packaging eliminates the need for powder, trays, and other external material, customers can expect to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing waste in the landfill. What’s better for customers is also better for the environment: a win that Bostik always seeks to score.

FFS packaging is just one more example of how the customer remains at the forefront of Bostik’s business practices. We always seek to improve our products and packaging in ways that provide tangible benefits to our customers.

Putting the customer’s needs first means our bonds perform the way they want them to. And that’s why Bostik lives by our promise:

Better bonds. Better life.

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