October 5, 2018 - Flexible Packaging

Four Items Your Fresh Food Packaging Should Address

As consumers increasingly prefer fresh food in packaged formats, it’s important to understand what they look for when choosing between different fresh food packaging options. Gain insight into four items fueling their decisions, and ensure your packaging addresses them.

  1. Preservation

In an effort to reduce food waste, consumers value a way to keep their food fresher longer. Proper packaging helps extend fresh food product shelf life by reducing its exposure to oxygen, moisture and other elements. Additionally, it protects food from physical damage.

  1. Convenience

Consumers also prefer fresh food packaged in a convenient format that makes it easy for them to open, store or take on-the-go. As preference for healthy snacking increases, it’s especially important for converters and brand owners to offer fresh food in a packaged format that responds to their lifestyles.

fresh food packaging

  1. Functionality

In addition to protecting fresh food from damage and decay, consumers also prefer when packaging offers extra functionality, such as:

  • Tamper evidence
  • Resealability
  1. Recyclability

Consumers also look for fresh food packaging that can be easily recycled. This has often posed a challenge when manufacturing packaging, as it is comprised of multi-laminate structures that can’t be recycled in a single stream. However, it’s important to consider the importance of ensuring easy recyclability when packaging fresh food.

Bostik manufactures flexible packaging solutions designed to address consumers’ fresh food packaging preferences while improving manufacturing processes. For more information on how these solutions can help you, visit www.bostik.com, or sign up for our email list.

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