May 9, 2016 - Flexible Packaging

Function, Applications for Flexible Packaging Laminates and Laminating Adhesives

Flexible packaging is the largest and most important application for global laminating adhesives, holding over 74% of the overall volume demands. Let’s take a closer look at the laminating process and the functions and applications of flexible packaging laminates:

Flexible Packaging Laminating Process:

Laminating is the process in which two or more flexible packaging webs are joined together using a bonding agent. These webs are comprised of films, papers or aluminum foils.

To bond the webs, an adhesive is applied to the less absorbent substrate web, which is then pressed against the second web. This results in a two-layer laminate.

Functions of Flexible Packaging Laminates:

Flexible packaging laminates have three main functions:

  • Mechanical Properties:
    • Improve the strength of the material by making it more resistant to tearing
    • Protect it during packaging, distribution and storage
  • Barrier Properties:
    • Protect it from outside deteriorating agents (light, moisture, gas)
    • Prevent loss of product qualities, such as freshness and aroma (food)
  • Substrate Sealability:
    • Closes the flexible packaging

Flexible Packaging Laminate Applications:

Flexible packaging laminates are used for products that need to be protected or have shelf lives extended.

Applications for food products include:

Applications for non-food products include:

  • Insulation
  • Medical
  • Cosmetics

Types of Flexible Packaging Laminating Adhesives:

Bostik offers innovative, high performance laminating adhesives for flexible packaging:

Bostik’s solventless laminating adhesive products are environmentally-friendly and provide a low cost adhesive for high speed production lines.

  • As a result, these flexible packaging laminating adhesive products are ideal for general purpose applications such as film-to-film and film-to-metalized film.

Bostik’s solvent-based laminating adhesive products offer easy handling and fast curing adhesives that can withstand the rigors of retort applications in food packaging.

  • These adhesive products are ideal for general purpose and film-to-film lamination.

Learn more about the advantages to using our solventless and solvent-based laminating adhesive products and their applications, or call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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