Getting technical: How SMP improves upon traditional solutions

Adhesive bonding has many advantages over mechanical fixing techniques. Bonding ensures the stress distribution in the materials is uniform. The insulating effect of the adhesive prevents contact corrosion which usually results from a difference in electrode potential. Moreover, bonding produces a more aesthetically pleasing finish, with no screws, pop rivets or other fasteners visible.

Elastic bonding

One of the great advantages of silyl modified polymer (SMP) based elastic adhesives is that they cope effectively with differences in the expansion of materials (ΔL). Their filling ability easily compensates for dimensional differences (d-d1) in the components to be bonded together. Their considerable shock-absorbing capacity is another reason for using elastic adhesives and sealants.

SMP technology allows for optimal adjustment of the modulus to the application, from high (hard), for special forms of bonding, to low (flexible), for sealing. And, of course, everything in between these limits. Together with this, SMP sealants have a large elastic deformation window. In practice, this means that an SMP adhesive is able to absorb considerable force without becoming permanently deformed. SMP sealants can absorb significant movement without permanent deformation.

Transportation Markets

SMP products can be used for many applications in the transportation markets. Often, this involves bonding various types of materials. The adhesives and sealants that are used differ primarily in their viscosity and open time depending on the application. The use of SMP adhesive usually results in a more rigid construction.

SMP usage in transportation applications:

  • As in bus construction, SMP-based elastic adhesives are also used a great deal in train construction. A two-component SMP adhesive system is highly suited to bonding large surface areas and for use in low humidity conditions.
  • The bonding of side panels, roof and corner profiles using SMP construction adhesive have a long open time and allow for adjustments.
  • SMP products create efficiency as floor covering adhesives. A main advantage is they are solvent-free and unlike water-based adhesives, require no drying time.
  • Installing windows using an adhesive that has a high green strength significantly reduces clamping time in automotive construction.

This same chemistry is also used in hurricane window installation systems, capable of withstanding hurricane force wind and debris impacts. Bostik adhesives are designed to meet and exceed industry standards providing SMART solutions for your applications.

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