April 5, 2016 - Assembly Automotive

Know Why the Oil Filter Market is Growing, What it Means for Adhesives

As oil filter demand rises, it’s important for manufacturers to understand factors propelling its growth and what it means for adhesives used in filter assembly.

Increase in Volume of Goods Outsourced

As manufacturing costs grow, existing players in the market have started to shift operations to countries where labor, raw materials and other facilities can be obtained at a lower cost. Doing so gives these companies an edge over competitors. They are able to decrease their manufacturing costs, saving the company money.

Rise in the Scope of the Aftermarket

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) typically buy a standard quantity of oil filters for new vehicle production. While oil filter manufacturers benefit from OEMs, the market’s revenue is becoming largely dependent on the rising popularity of purchasing Aftermarket oil filters.

Increase in Cleaner Technologies

As Business Wire cites, automotive manufacturers are more focused than ever on providing clean oil and fuel to cars’ complex engines. Strict emission standards and energy efficiency pressures from governmental and legislative bodies worldwide have caused manufacturers to request more oil filters able to meet these regulations.

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What This Means for Oil Filter Adhesives

As more oil filters are produced, manufacturers need adhesive products that meet the government’s environmental restrictions, keep costs low and improve filters’ overall quality and performance.

Bostik offers hot melt polyamide oil filter adhesives able to meet these needs, designed to bond to a variety of plastic, metal and wood substrates. Along with heat, moisture, chemical and grease resistance, our oil filter adhesives offer the combined benefits of a low viscosity for applications requiring high outputs and a good balance of high and low temperature properties. Additionally, these adhesives have quick processing times, easy application and are suitable for harsh environmental conditions.

For more information about Bostik’s oil filter adhesive products designed to meet the growing oil filter demand, contact us today.

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