October 5, 2015 - Flexible Packaging

Heat Seal Coatings and How They Help Your Company’s Competitive Edge

Bostik’s 30+ years of industry experience means our team knows your business. We have the knowledge and understanding of heat seal application requirements, end user expectations and packaging features to help meet your business’ needs.

What Are Heat Seal Coatings Used For?

Bostik’s heat seal coatings are direct food contact compliant and are designed for either extrusion, hot melt or solvent-based applications. Uses range from dual oven-able trays to medical blister packaging, yogurt and condiment lidding applications, as well as soap and yogurt wrappers. Bostik’s heat seal technology is used to bond a variety of substrates including PET, APET, CPET, PETG, PVC, PS, PP, paper and foils.

MedicalPackagingHow Can Heat Seals Coatings Benefit Your Company’s Competitive Edge?
Our heat seal coatings create strong advantages for your products and operations.

Non-blocking system delivers lower cling and smooth unwind residue, resulting in reduced downtime, less scrap, processing ease and the ability to run at higher line speeds.

Custom-formulated systems meet and exceed your requirements in regards to bond strength, heat and chemical resistance and overall package performance.

Ideal for laminates on a wide variety of substrates – on one or two sides, plain or patterned – for additional operational flexibility.

Formulations are designed to meet the peel force requirement of the package as well as the COF needed for high line speed packaging.

Versatile range of products meet all of your requirements, including coating application techniques such as roll, slot die, Gravure cylinder and extrusion.

To learn more about heat seal coatings and the specific products Bostik offers, please call 800-7-BOSTIK. If you’re interested in learning about cold-seal coatings, read our related article.

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