5 Tips for Hot Melt Drum Unloader Preventive Maintenance

In a recent blog post, we discussed certain preventive maintenance tips for keeping hot melt adhesive tanks operating smoothly. Now, take a look at the following hot melt drum unloader tips to further enhance your operational efficiencies.

Hot Melt Drum Unloader Tip #1

Periodically check the platen seal ring for wear, and replace it if necessary.

Hot Melt Drum Unloader Tip #2

Apply a thin coating of high temperature grease to the platen seal ring when changing drums. This prevents wear and allows the platen to enter the drum more easily.

Hot Melt Drum Unloader Tip #3

If the drum unloader is feeding a dispense gun, be sure to lock the dispense gun trigger open when shutting the system down. This relieves pressure in the hose as the system cools and then heats up when restarting.

Hot Melt Drum Unloader Tip #4

For most hot melt adhesives, the down pressure on the platen does not need to be more than 50-60 psi. Increasing the pressure will not melt the adhesive faster. Instead, it heightens the chance that the adhesive will leak past the platen seal ring.

Hot Melt Drum Unloader Tip #5

If the pump on the unloader is a piston pump, be sure the pump rod is at the bottom of its stroke before shutting the system down. This allows the whole rod to heat when restarting the system. It also decreases friction when the pump restarts, prolonging the throat seal life.

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