January 24, 2019 - Automotive

How Bostik and Arkema Bring Value to the Automotive Market

As the automotive industry rapidly evolves, with electric vehicle demand rising and fuel efficiency needs increasing, it’s important to work with companies well-equipped to handle these changes.

Arkema, a global chemicals and high performance materials manufacturer, along with its subsidiary, Bostik, a leading automotive adhesives specialist, are two such companies that bring value to the automotive market in the following ways:

Broad Application Capabilities

Arkema and Bostik’s innovative solutions are designed for a range of interior and exterior automotive assembly applications. For example, Elium® thermoplastic resins are ideal for composite bonding needs. Uniquely designed for thermoforming, recycling and welding, these solutions offer corrosion resistance and high strength while being lightweight. As a result, they are ideal for a variety of structural and seating applications.

Additionally, Plexiglas® PMMA solutions are designed for high gloss exterior trim, rear combination lighting and light guide needs. Featuring weatherability, design flexibility and UV stability, this technology is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, thickness and sizes to suit broad automotive application requirements.

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Furthermore, Bostik’s automotive adhesives and sealants are fast setting, durable and environmentally friendly. Ideal for a range of applications, including structural bonding, exterior seating and interior trim lamination, these solutions help:

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Decrease waste and cost-in-use
  • Enhance automotive aesthetics

Extensive Industry Knowledge 

Arkema and Bostik’s technical experts offer extensive industry knowledge. Well-versed in market trends, they have an in-depth understanding on current and future automotive market challenges. This enables them to help OEMs and tier suppliers proactively address tomorrow’s challenges today.

Additionally, these teams work directly with customers to ensure the right solution is chosen and meets even the most stringent specifications. Featuring multiple, highly specialized business units, these transversal automotive teams utilize the full chemical spectrum to ensure all needs are met.

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Streamlined Vertical Integration

Arkema and Bostik also offer unique vertical integration to the automotive market. As affiliated, global companies, they provide customers with an expansive technical service network as well as manufacturing plants worldwide. This reassures customers that the solutions they need will be available when they want them and where they need them.

It also enhances simplicity of doing business, making it easier for customers to receive compatible solutions for their automotive assembly applications.

For more information on how Arkema and Bostik add value to the automotive market and how they can help you, visit www.arkema.com, or www.bostik.com. You can also learn more about how Arkema and Bostik work together by reading this relevant blog post:

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