October 16, 2017 - General Transportation

How Bostik’s Capabilities Help General Transportation OEMs

As more OEMs turn to adhesives in general transportation assembly, it’s important that the right products are chosen for their needed applications. Doing so helps in:

  • Reducing adhesive failure
  • Enhancing product durability and performance
  • Improving passenger safety and comfort

Yet in addition to ensuring the right general transportation adhesive product is chosen, it’s important to take a look at the adhesive manufacturer prior to starting a project. This will help determine a clear picture of whether choosing that product is right for your company.

Below are five ways that Bostik’s capabilities help general transportation OEMs.

Real World Application and Performance Characteristics

Bostik provides extensive, critical testing on our products to ensure they can perform under real world application conditions. Conducted in our Ann Arbor, MI and Wauwatosa, WI facilities, we are able to validate the adhesive performance for various applications. This enables us to reduce the likelihood of end-use adhesive failure.

Best-in-Class Processes

Bostik follows best-in-class processes and procedures in ensuring product safety, sequencing and ergonomics. In particular, our company adheres to the latest environmental, regulatory and quality control standards when it comes to manufacturing and packaging our adhesive products.

For example, our silyl modified polymer (SMP) technology is on the cutting edge of sealant environmental friendliness. Additionally, as the industry has shifted to sausage packaging for sealants, Bostik has adapted as well. Using this package form helps our customers significantly reduce their waste production.transportation OEMs

Productivity Enhancements

Bostik’s general transportation adhesives offer customers the right open time and work time for the needed run-at-rate to meet their production demands. For example, we have solutions that offer various open times, from 10 minutes to 30/40 minutes. This enables customers to select the solution that best suits their application needs.

Ideal Cost vs. Performance

Our adhesives offer an ideal balance of cost to performance without being over-engineered or over-priced. In particular, our SMP technology provides great cost-in-use economics, enabling customers to save up to 30% by switching from conventional sealants.

Partnership Formation

Bostik values working directly with our customers to create innovative solutions for their general transportation needs. This includes recommending new materials, next generation products and other alternative means to streamline manufacturing processes and reduce costs.

Additionally, we meet with customers at their facilities to understand any current issues they’re having, production line improvement needs and how Bostik can help. Doing so builds mutual trust, respect and understanding that the chosen general transportation adhesive for their application will fully meet their needs and make their jobs easier.

We also welcome customers to our Ann Arbor, MI and Wauwatosa, WI facilities to participate in hands-on training, product testing and adhesive application.


For more information on how Bostik’s capabilities help general transportation OEMs, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us.

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