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How Bostik’s Compostable Adhesive Helps You Stand Out

Sustainability has never been more important to the packaging industry than it is right now. As more consumers become environmentally conscious, many companies are currently examining how to minimize packaging waste from their products. While many have created recyclable or biodegradable options, compostable packaging has posted a challenge to manufacturers due to strict material requirements.

But now, 100% compostable packaging can be brought to life with the help of compostable adhesives. This type of adhesive is completely biodegradable and will fully decompose when discarded. Check out some of the ways a compostable adhesive can help you achieve sustainability goals and positively impact your production process. Plus, learn about a particular compostable adhesive solution that will help you stand out.


  • Soil enrichment through waste: Composting’s primary benefit is that as natural materials break down, they can help stimulate plant growth. Compostable adhesives are designed to work in existing waste remediation systems, leaving no harmful waste or residue in soil.
  • Reduced landfill waste: Food packaging produces a challenge for recyclable collectors. Packaging that is contaminated with food cannot be recycled and often ends up in a landfill. However, when used with other compostable materials, a compostable adhesive ensures that a package can decompose fully outside of a landfill, minimizing harmful greenhouse gases that are released from food packaging waste.
  • All-natural materials: To become BPI certified, every element in the packaging must be made from all-natural materials. This includes the boardstock, ink and adhesives used in the package’s manufacturing. Because compostable adhesives enable the creation of 100% compostable packaging, manufacturers may be more inclined to use other natural materials to ensure their products are fully compostable as well. This switch enables more compost down the line and also continues to reduce waste over time.
  • Faster decomposition: Many companies offer biodegradable packaging. However, “biodegradable” is different from “compostable”, because the decomposition processes are different. Technically, everything is biodegradable, whether it decomposes in one year or one thousand years. However, compostable products must fully decompose in a given timeframe. Compostable products are usually certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), whereas biodegradable products are not.

It’s easy to see how compostable adhesives are great for the environment, but what’s in it for manufacturers? Keep reading to learn how a compostable adhesive may be advantageous for your company.

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  • Capitalize on increased market demand: As consumers become more environmentally conscious, several major ecommerce and retail companies have made commitments to switch to 100% sustainable packaging within the next decade. Adding a compostable adhesive to your production can help you meet these commitments without sacrificing packaging quality and help you take advantage of new marketing opportunities.
  • Reduce your costs: A compostable adhesive breaks down to natural gases and biomass, significantly reducing waste processing costs. Natural materials are also typically lighter than manufactured materials, which can help reduce shipping costs.
  • Increase your design innovations: The development of compostable packaging can enable innovations in packaging design. Compostable adhesives can be used in a variety of applications, including closed venues, single-use packaging, single-use items, food packaging and municipal curbside collection. This wide range of applications gives you plenty of opportunities to include a compostable adhesive into the package design.


A compostable adhesive offers many advantages in terms of sustainability goals and manufacturer benefits. If you’re considering adding compostable adhesives to your production line, Bostik’s compostable hot melt adhesive, Thermogrip® 43298, may be right for you.

Thermogrip 43298 is the first-ever BPI-certified hot melt adhesive, ensuring that it is 100% compostable. This adhesive works with service temperatures ranging from 0° to 180° F (-17.7° to 82° C). This wide service temperature range ensures that the product can work well with your desired process methods. Thermogrip 43298 also provides excellent adhesion to compostable plastics and fibers, so you can be assured that your performance and quality needs will be met.

The product is ideal for melt-on-demand systems; however, Thermogrip 43298 can also be used for other systems. Its ability to work on different systems ensure that you won’t need to invest in new equipment to integrate Thermogrip 43298 into your production lines.

Finally, perhaps the biggest advantage Thermogrip 43298 provides is that this adhesive will help your package gain BPI certification. With our compostable adhesive, the ability to manufacture a 100% compostable package without compromising on manufacturing or performance needs becomes easy.

Think compostable hot melt adhesives are right for you? Learn more about Thermogrip 43298, or request a sample when you contact a Bostik representative or distributor today.

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