September 19, 2016 - Tape & Label

3 Ways Bostik’s Freezer Grade Label Adhesive Benefits Customers

As labels are increasingly used on packaged food products, it’s important that they’re able to maintain performance needs even in demanding temperature environments. While there are many label adhesive options available, find out how one smart solution in particular stands out from the rest and benefits customers.

1. Good Convertibility

With application temperatures as low as -15°F, H2259-01  offers good convertibility, which is beneficial to customers because it allows converters to produce labels at maximum machine speeds.

In particular, H2259-01 has good die-cutting capabilities and good release stability. This means that it can cut individual labels well and allows for the material between each label (the matrix) to be removed without breaking and stopping the machine.

If the paper is not cut correctly, the matrix will break during the pulling away from the labels/release liner roll at machine speeds. This is because the paper/adhesive is not fully cut all around the perimeter of each label. As a result, it is important for a product to be able to have good convertibility and not slow down production line speeds.

freezer grade adhesive

2. Great Functionality

H2259-01 allows the label surface to maintain its aesthetics in end-use environments. In other words, this freezer grade adhesive product doesn’t affect the label substrate surface. For example, even if these labels are stored in high humidity and temperature warehouses for extended periods of times, their surface aesthetics will remain the same.

This freezer grade adhesive also coats and machines very well, offering a wide range of coat weights. As a result, it’s robust, smooth and easy-to-use, maintaining coat weight consistency with cross-direction stability.

3. Excellent Bonding

H2259-01 has superior bonding to polyolefin substrates and paper. This is important, as many adhesives have difficulty bonding to highly recycled content, such as paper.

In addition, commonly used adhesives for the label market cannot adhere as well to cold surfaces as this hot melt, freezer grade adhesive product. H2259-01 bonds well where condensation is present, too.

This product also has the appropriate balance of low temperature properties, making it well suited for all aspects of the frozen food packaging process. Its capabilities extend for shipping conditions as well.

For more information on H2259-01, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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