September 22, 2016 - Automotive

How Bostik’s H5141K01 Solved an Automotive Customer’s Assembly Problem

To keep up with production demand, automakers need to manufacture vehicles as quickly and efficiently as possible. In particular, it’s important that the automotive parts are properly sealed during assembly to protect against air, dust, noise and rattling for the end-user. Let’s take a look at common automotive assembly applications that require sealing as well as customer’s problem and Bostik’s solution. 

Common applications that require sealing include:

  • Instrument panels
  • Door handles
  • HVAC ducts
  • Speaker assemblies

automotive assembly

Often, these parts are sealed using pre-formed molded or die-cut gaskets as well as foam-backed tapes. One customer in particular was having a problem with this automotive assembly method.

Customer Problem:

A large Tier I automotive supplier was manually applying PU foam-backed tape to seal holes and gaps on instrument panels and door panel armrests. The supplier was having multiple operators apply the tape and clean the excess PU foam off of the part, as the tape alone did not provide a very good seal. As a result, the supplier was spending several thousand dollars per 24 hours (3 shifts) on labor costs to apply the tape and clean the assemblies afterwards.

Bostik’s Solution:

To automate the process and save time and money, the supplier opted to incorporate a robotic work-cell to apply Bostik’s H5141K01 automotive assembly adhesive to the holes and gaps on the instrument panels and door panel armrests prior the back-foaming process.

This material was foamed with NO2 gas to create a homogeneous molten mixture. When dispensed and given time to cool, it created a closed-cell foam/gasket. It also left a perfect seal and did not require additional removal of excess material.

This automatic process replaced all of the manual labor and saved the supplier thousands of dollars. In less than three months’ time, the equipment had paid for itself and adhesive ease of use had greatly improved.

Value to the Customer:

By using Bostik’s H5141K01 automotive assembly adhesive in a robotic work-cell for sealing instrument panels and door panel armrests, the customer experienced:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved safety (100% solids)
  • Shorter production time due to quick product set up
  • Up to 50% reduction in adhesive cost

For more information on how Bostik’s automotive adhesives are the smart choice, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us.

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