January 18, 2019 - General Transportation

How Electric Double-Decker Buses May Change the Market

While double-decker buses traditionally have seen limited use in the U.S., that’s likely to change in upcoming years as electric transportation rises. Find out how electric double-decker buses may change the bus market.

Increased Passenger Capacity

As more people opt for public transportation, these buses enable cities to better meet demand without increasing footprint. This is especially beneficial in crowded cities where road space is a premium.

Improved Ride Experience

Double-decker buses also offer an improved ride experience compared to traditional articulated buses. For electric ones especially, they provide a quieter and smoother means of transportation. They also can be incorporated with onboard WiFi.

Enhanced Sustainability

Furthermore, electric double-decker buses yield zero carbon emissions. In addition to transporting more people on the same footprint as traditional buses, they help decrease fume emissions into the atmosphere.

Increased Design Options

Electric double-decker buses also offer unique design opportunities. This makes them a viable option not just for cities but also for campus buses and charters. They also can be modified for sightseeing and transporting teams.

Yet while these buses pose several opportunities, it’s important to keep in mind there still may be challenges with implementation. For example, bus companies will need to provide drivers with additional training for managing a bus being both electric and double-decker. Additionally, washing stations will need to be altered to accommodate the extra height.

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