November 30, 2022 - Tape & Label

How Linerless Labels Can Help Your Company

Linerless labels are pressure-sensitive labels that do not have a liner or backing paper. These labels are wound on a roll that has had a release coating applied to the front of the facestock to prevent the adhesive from sticking to the label below. With these, just peal the label off the roll, and it sticks right where you need it to go!

Linerless labels can be used in a variety of applications, such as:

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How Can Linerless Labels Help Your Company?

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Reduce Company Cost: 

Linerless labels have lighter weight construction and can allow for up to 65% more labels on a roll versus conventional pressure-sensitive labels. This means that companies can get more labels out of one roll of material. Manufacturers also report about a 35-40% decrease in shipping costs when using these labels. Furthermore, there is as high as 37% savings due to removal of the liners in rolls, because less inventory space is used. Companies can fit more rolls in one shipment.

Environmental Impact:

Using traditional labels that have a liner creates additional waste, as the liner has to be thrown out each time. There are reports of up to 400,000 tons of liner waste entering landfills annually, which would not be the case with linerless labels. Also, these liners can be considered hazardous waste in some countries. Go with linerless labels, and help the environment!

Increase Productivity:

More labels per roll allow for longer, more efficient runs before a roll has to be changed. Linerless labels also decrease the likelihood of an accident occurring on the job, because release liners can cause slip hazards due to their silicone coating. Employees are able to do their jobs more productively and safely when using linerless labels.

Several types of Bostik adhesives can be used for linerless labels. Contact 800-7-BOSTIK for more information. We’d love to work with you to save your company money, help the environment and increase productivity.

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