August 2, 2016 - Automotive

How OEMs Respond to Stricter Automotive Fuel Regulations

In a recent blog, we discussed challenges to the automotive market and what they mean for automotive makers. One of these challenges in particular included the new, stricter regulations and standards for automotive fuel efficiency. So, how will automotive manufacturers be able to meet the new regulations? Let’s take a look.

Powertrain Improvements to Be Made

To meet these stricter automotive fuel regulations in a short time frame, automakers will need to make advancements to the traditional internal combustion engine and powertrain. Experts believe that fuel efficiency can be improved by as much as 75% with combustion breakthroughs focused on maximum engine efficiency.

Taking Risks in Product Development 

Additionally, automotive OEMs will need to start taking more risks with product development. For example, one U.S. automotive company has recently replaced the steel in its trucks with aluminum. While other manufacturers may be less inclined to take this risk, this company in particular noticed that making the switch offered the following benefits:

  • Reduced truck weight
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency

As a result, this truck series now has the best gas mileage of any gasoline pickup.

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Another company is experimenting with the profitability of continuously variable transmissions (CVTs). These newer transmissions operate on pulleys, which provide enhanced performance in transferring power to the vehicles’ wheels. As a result, CVTs offer improved fuel efficiency by eliminating the wasted energy from fixed-gear transmissions.

Other risks in product development to boost fuel efficiency include:

  • Using turbo engines
  • Improving aerodynamics
  • Building lighter manufacturing materials

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