August 5, 2021 - General Transportation

How the Coach Bus Market is Revitalizing

While recent years have seen slow growth for intercity buses, the current outlook is much more positive. Stay up to date on how the coach bus market is revitalizing.

Increased Competition

Following the termination of the Pool Agreement, coach bus companies are now back to being competitive with one another. Interested in growing profits and building consumer loyalty, this renewed competition is fueling the creation of:

  • New service schedules
  • Coach bus e-ticketing
  • Greater capacity on major routes 

Strengthened Demand

As noted in the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development report, fuel prices play a role in coach bus demand. For instance, airlines and motor vehicles tend to be more popular over coach buses when fuel prices are low. This is due to their greater fuel dependence.

As fuel prices rise yet consumers still want to travel, they turn to coach buses for intercity travel. Additionally, coach buses’ relatively low cost and increased routing flexibility offer further reasons for rising demand.

coach bus

Enhanced Technology

Trying to beat the competition and appeal to consumer demand has caused the coach bus market to invest in innovative technologies. In particular, this includes crowdsourcing. Bus companies are now using software programs that enable passengers to dictate bus service based on demand. Other new technologies include:

  • Bus tracker
  • Free WiFi onboard
  • Online booking

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