December 18, 2015 - Tape & Label

How the Label Industry is Going Green

An issue many companies face today is how to reduce environmental impact without raising costs or diminishing quality. To do this, they must develop a sustainable business model – a strategy that drives long-term growth by including environmental and social issues at its core. According to Consolidated Label, Co., the label industry embraces the concept of sustainability and is investing time and resources into green initiatives. The industry is going green in the following ways:

New Certification Programs:

Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) founded the Label Initiative For the Environment (L.I.F.E.) to help converters and suppliers find efficient and cost-effective ways to reduce their companies’ environmental footprint. This foundation offers an audited certification process that addresses topics such as recycling programs, the importance of using lighter-weight materials in construction and lowering total energy usage.

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New Processes:

Label companies are streamlining processes to improve energy efficiency and decrease waste output. They also now have regular environmental audits to assess green initiatives.

New Label Products:

  • Recycled paperstock conserves resources and generates less pollution during manufacturing.
  • Thinner film and paper products with lower basis weight reduce raw materials used and energy consumption.

What These New Label Products Mean for Adhesives:

Recycled paperstock and lower basis weight products benefit the environment but pose an issue for label adhesives. These less fibrous papers are more prone to staining from adhesive oil due to being thinner and more lightweight. To prevent this, a primer is often used between the adhesive and paper. Bostik offers label adhesives that use “primer-less” technology, which enables the use of low weight paperstock without the need for primer.

Additionally, adhesives must be able to adhere to label paper that is very lightweight without tearing it. Bostik’s ThermoGrip® H5434 is a removable hot melt adhesive that fails cohesively, dramatically reducing fiber tear on even the lightest paperstocks. It also contains a proprietary polymer blend, which virtually eliminates staining, even at temperatures nearing 160°F.

As label companies continue to change and further sustainability strategies, Bostik’s smart adhesives adapt, too. For more information on Bostik’s label adhesives, contact 800-7-BOSTIK. You can also visit Bostik on Facebook (Bostik Industrial) or Twitter (Bostik_IND).

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