October 12, 2020 - Building & Construction

3 Ways the Right Adhesive Can Address Metal Roofing Market Trends

The demand for metal roofing has more than doubled in recent years. Certain market trends are contributing to this increase, but attaining the properties to meet these trends may pose difficulties to roofing manufacturers. Learn the top trends driving this increased demand and how Bostik’s 915, an innovative, elastic bonding solution, can help you easily address them.

Market Trend #1: Roofing Materials That Offer Increased Resiliency

Metal roofing’s increased demand can be partially attributed to the need for more resilient building products. In particular, it’s important for products to deliver strong performance in climate extremes. Buildings and homes located in areas with hurricanes and other harsh weather need roofing components that will withstand these circumstances.

Metal roofs meet this need, because they have better impact resistance against hail damage than other roofing materials, as well as increased flame retardancy to protect against wildfires. Most notably, they can resist high wind speeds, because the smooth surface allows air pressure to glide over the roof without resistance.

However, new testing requirements for high velocity and wind uplift tests have made it more difficult for you to ensure your metal roof will stand up against gale-force winds. Metal roofs with mechanical fasteners may not pass this test. Fasteners are likely to break off in extreme windspeeds, causing damage to the roof.

Bostik’s 915 elastic bonding adhesive can help add more elasticity and “give” to a metal roof than mechanical fasteners without compromising on performance. This product is the only adhesive on the market to pass the new high velocity wind uplift testing requirement. Therefore, Bostik’s 915 ensures unmatched resiliency against strong winds.

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Market Trend #2: Roofing Materials That Increase Design Options

Design aesthetics are another leading trend in the roofing market for a few reasons. Many HOAs require specific home colors or styles within their neighborhoods, so home builders may be looking for components that match those requirements. Some roofing colors also give additional benefits to the building, which is helpful for industrial construction projects. For example, lighter roofing colors help reduce heat absorption and keep the building cooler.

Metal roofing is available in many different colors, including light options, and offers improved color performance than other materials. While other roofing options, such as asphalt, fade in color over time, metal roofs are able to maintain color, which increases design options. Kynar 500® resin-based coatings are specially made to help maintain color aesthetics in metal roofs. This coating protects the coloring from UV rays, air and rain exposure, preserving it over time.

While roofing manufacturers may opt for metal roofs with these coatings to meet this market trend, it can be difficult to find other coatings that can adhere to them. Bostik’s 915 is the only product designed to adhere to Kynar 500 coatings. When used together, these two products can help you achieve the color performance you want without compromising on adhesive durability.  

Market Trend #3: Roofing Materials That Reduce Maintenance

Roofing maintenance can be expensive, so customers prefer components that are long-lasting. While asphalt roofs have a life-expectancy of 12-20 years, metal roofs can last several decades, often surpassing 40 years or more. They are also resistant to rust, mildew, fungus and moss, which are common irritants to most roofing materials.

However, heavy rain can reduce the integrity of a metal roof over time. This is a challenge to address up front to ensure you can manufacture a low-maintenance roof. To maintain strong performance for as long as possible, it’s important to create strong seals between the roof and the other building components.

Bostik’s 915 is a waterproofing sealant in addition to its adhesive qualities. Even during extreme conditions, water will not penetrate the metal roof, helping to maintain its long life span.

Bostik’s 915 can help you easily meet market demands for metal roofing. If you think this adhesive may be right for your production process, contact a Bostik representative to learn more or request a sample.

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