April 25, 2021 - Aerospace

How the Right Supplier Helps Meet Aircraft Assembly Needs

Governmental regulations increasingly determine materials used in aircraft assembly, which can pose challenges for your manufacturing process. As you compare suppliers for your materials, consider the value Bostik can bring in helping you meet these requirements.

Flexible Formulation Capabilities

Bostik experts understand that certain applications require adhesives to meet particular specifications before being approved for use. Therefore, we offer flexible formulation capabilities where our experts can design adhesives specifically for your aircraft assembly requirements. For example, this can include formulating products with flame retardancy added directly within their chemistry for ease of use and peace of mind.

Range of Adhesive Technologies

Additionally, Bostik offers a variety of adhesive technologies for aircraft interior applications. These include:

  • Film adhesives: These solutions form a thin, flexible layer that can be heat activated or pressure sensitive, helping ensure repeatable performance characteristics for your application needs.
  • Liquid adhesives: From water-based to solvent-based, these products offer versatility and scale for any size aircraft interior application.
  • Web adhesives: Offering consistent usage control while optimizing weight to performance criteria, Bostik’s web adhesives are VOC-free and handle like fabric for easy application bonding.
aircraft assembly

Variety of Distribution Options

Further, Bostik provides customers with many distribution options and can sell direct. This provides reassurance that adhesive supply will be available when product is needed and where product is needed for aircraft assembly.

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