November 14, 2019 - Tape & Label

How to Address and Avoid a Linerless Label Jam

Dealing with a label jam can negatively impact your productivity levels, causing downtime, frustration and costly delays. If you’re currently experiencing a label jam or want to avoid one in the future, consider the following:

Are You Using Adhesive Removers on Silicone Rollers?

While the roller pressure inside the printer will cause a silicone roller to naturally wear down over time, popular adhesive removers accelerate roller degradation. This is because the adhesive removers break down the silicone. As a result, labels are more likely to stick to the roller and cause a jam.

Consider replacing the rollers frequently to ensure optimal performance. You can also adjust the roller pressure to be as light as possible while maintaining print quality.

Do You Have the Right Printer for Your Label Application?

Printers are made for different end-use label applications. If the printer is being used to create labels outside of its capabilities, the label will likely jam.

Ensure you fully understand the label’s application requirements prior to selecting a printer.

linerless label jam

Do You Have the Right Adhesive for Your Label, Application and Printer?

Choosing the right adhesive for your label, end-use application and printer is key to avoiding a label jam during production. For example, if the adhesive is designed for a traditional linered label and an end-use linered label application but you’re using linerless labels, the label can jam. Additionally, it can jam if the adhesive is too aggressive for the printer.

Check out this infographic to understand when to use linerless labels.

Consult with your adhesive supplier to ensure the chosen adhesive is the right fit and can achieve ideal performance without causing a jam.

Bostik offers label adhesives designed to address different label and printer combinations. Contact an expert today who will work with you to make finding the right solution easy and reduce label jam likelihood.

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