How to Determine if a Sustainable Adhesive is Right for You

In a recent blog, we discussed the five types of sustainable adhesives slated to rise in demand as increasing emphasis is placed on environmental improvement.

Designed to meet the changing global needs for environmentally friendly products, these adhesives do not replace conventional adhesives, but rather serve as an alternative option for certain applications.

Therefore, it’s important to consider the following to first determine if one is right for your needs:

Application Substrates

When considering a sustainable adhesive, think about the application and the substrates within it. All substrates used in it need to be sustainable, not just the adhesive.

For example, if using a biodegradable adhesive, the other substrates in the application need to also be biodegradable and break down as well. All materials used in your application must be 100% environmentally compatible to achieve sustainability.

sustainable adhesive

Brand Objectives

Another aspect to consider before choosing a sustainable adhesive is your company’s overall brand objectives. For example, certain companies have aligned their objectives to appeal to consumer preferences for sustainability. As a result, using a sustainable adhesive in their products furthers the overall brand’s identity and image. The concept of products offering higher value due to sustainable materials may or may not make sense for your particular brand objectives or goal for that product.

Associated Costs

As of today, sustainable adhesives may carry a higher price tag than conventional solutions. This is because the supply chain is in its infancy. As the availability of needed raw materials increases, this is likely to change, and costs will decrease. However, it’s important to consider the likely greater costs when opting for a sustainable adhesive.

Bostik formulates both sustainable and conventional adhesives designed for a variety of industrial markets and applications. High-performing, safe and efficient, these smart solutions improve operational efficiencies and end-use products overall. For more information on how these products can help your company, visit www.bostik.com/us.

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