March 28, 2019 - Aerospace

How Aircraft Interior Adhesives Improve Aftermarket Processes

As aircraft interiors evolve to address airline mergers and consumer preferences, it can be difficult for the aerospace aftermarket to keep up with needed changes. Fortunately, the right aircraft interior adhesives can make the process easier, helping to rebrand the aircraft interior faster while also improving efficiency and performance.

Better Rebranding After an Airline Merger

As airlines merge, the entire aircraft interior must be changed to reflect the new brand identity. This includes removing logos on wall panels and any other items associated with the former airline brand.

Aicraft interior adhesives that offer easy removability enable the rebranding process to be done faster and aesthetics to be improved. Additionally, by leaving no adhesive residue behind, the work is further simplified. This helps the aerospace aftermarket reduce labor costs and complexity overall.

aircraft interior adhesives

Improved Lightweighting

Furthermore, the right adhesives enable various lightweight substrates to be used when redoing aircraft interiors. This is especially important as aircraft are increasingly required to decrease weight and improve fuel efficiency. In particular, these aircraft interior adhesives can bond to composites, which see rising use in aftermarket panels and seating components.

Enhanced Safety and Flexibility

Additionally, the right adhesives offer process efficiency improvements to the aerospace aftermarket. For example, they can possess flame retardancy directly within their adhesive formulation. This reduces complexity during the application process. The right aircraft interior adhesives also can be re-heated and re-activated to bond to a second substrate at a later time. This capability aids in manufacturing flexibility, meeting a variety of timing and processing needs.

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