March 18, 2021 - Rigid Packaging

Improve To-Go Packaging with the Right Adhesive

As you may know, compostable to-go packaging means all package materials must be BPI-certified and able to decompose in a specific timeframe. In the past, this has been difficult for manufacturers to achieve. While certain materials were made compostable in recent years, the adhesive used to bond them together was still not BPI-certified. This meant that the entire packaging was not compostable, which inhibited packaging manufacturers from truly creating compostable to-go packaging.

Fortunately, a BPI-certified, compostable adhesive solution now exists that makes it easy to create compostable to-go packaging and address key trends otherwise difficult with traditional packaging. Discover how this adhesive can help you meet your goals and improve your to-go packaging overall.

Reduced Shipping Costs 

Like many packaging manufacturers, you may be looking for ways to reduce your shipping costs. However, using traditional packaging materials can inhibit your ability to achieve this. Non-renewable materials tend to be heavier, which can increase shipping costs. 

However, the right compostable adhesive can help you move away from traditional packaging materials, offering you an advantage: 

  • Lowered shipping weight:Compostable materials are all-natural, which tend to be lighter than non-renewable materials, helping to reduce your shipping costs.

Increased Consumer Pressures

Consumers have become increasingly environmentally-conscious in recent years, pushing restaurants and stores to use sustainable to-go packaging. This can be difficult to achieve with traditional packaging materials. Most traditional to-go containers are made to be disposed of immediately after use. While convenient, these solutions rapidly increase our carbon footprint because they leave large amounts of waste after disposal. Some traditional packaging materials can be recycled; however consumers may not know that food waste and other non-recyclable components must be separated before carrying out the recycling process. These limitations result in millions of pounds of packaging being added to landfills every year.

The right adhesive can make it easy to create compostable packaging, which can address consumer pressures in the following ways:

  • Reduced environmental impact: Compostable materials decompose fully and will not leave any waste behind. This can lower our carbon footprint and reduce the amount of waste in landfills.
  • Simplified disposal: Since all components of the package must be compostable, the consumer does not need to separate any food waste or other components before disposing the container. This makes it easy to ensure that all the package’s materials will be placed back into the circular economy.
to-go packaging

Improved Design Opportunities

You also may be looking to expand your product line to create various forms of to-go packaging, including clamshells, cartons, sleeves or bags.However, complications can arise when expanding your range with traditional packaging.Creating new packaging formats may cause you to use several different non-renewable substrates. Since not all traditional materials are compatible with the same adhesive, you may need to integrate multiple adhesives as well. This can add complexity because each adhesive may need different temperature ranges, environmental conditions or other requirements to work properly.

Fortunately, the right compostable adhesive can make it easy to incorporate new packaging designs:

  • Simplified adhesive processes: The right compostable adhesive provides excellent adhesion to many compostable plastics and fibers, enabling you to use just one type of adhesive as you create compostable packaging.

See What the Right Compostable Adhesive Can Do For You

Bostik’s compostable adhesive, Thermogrip® 43298 is the market’s first-ever, BPI-certified bonding solution. It not only helps you achieve compostable to-go packaging, but also makes it easy for your company to address limitations that come with traditional packaging. To learn more about this innovative adhesive or to request a sample, contact a Bostik representative today.

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