July 18, 2019 - Rigid Packaging

Is Your Ecommerce Packaging Optimized?

As U.S. online orders continue to soar, now representing more than half of all retail sales growth, it’s imperative for ecommerce packaging to be optimized for the following ecommerce demands to ensure success.


According to AMERIPEN, products are typically handled at least 20 times before reaching the consumer. These multiple touch points increase the likelihood for packages to become damaged en route to their final destination. Given that 58% of Americans cited their relationship with a retailer would be negatively impacted if a package arrives damaged, it’s imperative for packages to offer sufficient ecommerce protection.

To help with ecommerce packaging protection, ensure your packaging materials are able to withstand:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Various moisture and humidity levels
ecommerce packaging


Since consumers can’t physically interact with products when shopping online, return rates can be as high as 50%. Therefore, ensuring your ecommerce packaging materials enable easy returns is key. Certain package functionality that makes it simple for consumers to return unwanted products include:

  • Tear strips to easily open package
  • Hot melt strips to easily reseal package


It’s also important to ensure the ratio of package size to product is correct. Ecommerce packaging that is “right-sized”:

  • Decreases product waste
  • Increases sustainability

In addition to appealing to consumer preference for environmental friendliness, “made-to-fit” ecommerce packaging reduces overall package spend for manufacturers. This is because right-sizing requires less materials to ship the same number of products and decreases freight costs. It also reduces or eliminates the need for void fill materials.

Did you also know? Packaging adhesives play an important role in ensuring your package is optimized for ecommerce. Contact a Bostik representative to learn how they can:

  • Improve package durability
  • Enhance package aesthetics
  • Increase package performance

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