February 13, 2016 - Flexible Packaging

JB Water-Based Adhesives

Bostik offers a complete line of resealable adhesive products for medium and high performance applications in the food packaging and consumer goods industries. In addition to M-Resins, Bostik’s JB water-based adhesives offer reliable, cost-effective, flexible resealability.

What are Water-Based Adhesives?

Water-based adhesives are adhesives that use water as a carrier or diluting medium. They are set by allowing the water to evaporate or be absorbed by substrates.

What are JB Water-Based Adhesives?

Over a decade ago, Bostik began developing emulsion-based acrylics to round out our own, patented water-based PSA technology and expand our in-house developments. Our water-based JB technology can be applied via Gravure coating equipment and as an alternative to our M-Resins extrusion reseal.

What are JB Water-Based Adhesives Used For?

Bostik’s JB water-based reseal adhesives are predominantly used for food packaging applications such as sweet snacks, bakery and confectionary products.

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What are Advantages to Using JB Water-Based Adhesives?

More reliable performance: Bostik can customize the performance of our JB PSA to create strong package integrity and easy opening for consumer convenience. We can also vary the primary and secondary reseal strengths to a variety of substrates. Resealable packaging made using JB PSA coatings helps to protect the packaged product from humidity and open exposure.

Increased profitability and operational efficiencies: Because JB PSA coatings are applied via Gravure application, it means no additional equipment investment may be needed. JB PSA coatings may be pattern-applied to the required area instead of the entire packaging material, reducing waste and cost.

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