September 5, 2017 - Rigid Packaging

How Kizen’s Broad Capabilities Improve Your Packaging Plant and Production Lines

Kizen, the next generation of hot melt adhesives for case and carton sealing, revolutionizes packaging plants and their production lines. It does so by offering the following capabilities:

Application Capabilities

Kizen works well with auto-feed application methods, offering good thermal stability and low nozzle clogging as a result. This helps boost manufacturing efficiencies, reducing downtime and enabling plants to more easily meet high production demands.

Kizen also can be applied under various temperatures. This broad processing window gives plants the flexibility to meet different case and carton seal adhesive bonding needs across multiple production lines.

Bonding Capabilities

With low viscosity and good penetration, Kizen also works well on many different types of substrates. These include difficult to bond to materials, such as highly recycled content and certain surface treatments.

Additionally, Kizen offers fast set speeds, forming an excellent bond in a short time frame. This capability furthers plant production efficiencies.


End Use Performance Capabilities

Kizen is ideal for various end use applications. As an end of line hot melt adhesive, it possesses good fiber tear and can withstand a range of end use temperatures. This capability further helps simplify plants’ processes.

Additionally, by having just one adhesive that can meet requirements across many production lines, the packaging plant as a whole can function more cost-effectively and efficiently.

What does “Kizen” mean? Kizen is the fusion of the Japanese words:

  • Kai = change
  • Zen = better

Check out our video to learn more about how Kizen is the next generation of hot melt adhesives for case and carton sealing.

You can also call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/kizen to get in touch with us about how Kizen can help your production processes today.

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