May 11, 2021 - Flexible Packaging

Does Your Lidding Film Meet Consumer Preferences?

As food packaging evolves to meet consumer preferences, lidding film is growing in popularity due to its unique attributes to address these preferences. Gain insight into why this is the case to ensure your lidding meets them as well.

Lidding Film Benefits

Consumers are gravitating toward food packaging that offers an easy peel and effective seal. Lidding films are one way package manufacturers are able to address this demand. Typically used as a closure on plastic bowls or trays, lidding film:

  • Protects products from contaminants
  • Extends product shelf life
  • Offers convenient ease-of-use

Lidding Film Attributes

Additionally, lidding films offer key attributes that make them an appealing packaging option for meeting consumer preferences. For example, lidding films are designed to be:

  • Microwave-safe

Certain lidding films can be used in both the microwave and oven. As consumer preference for ready-made meals rise, these films offer improved safety, quality and convenience that other types of packaging cannot.

  • Anti-fogging

Lidding films can also be manufactured with anti-fog properties. This means that when the food packaging is stored in a cool environment and is susceptible to condensation fogging, the film will reduce the effect and maintain transparency.

Fogging not only prevents consumers from seeing the food packaging’s content, it also impacts the quality of the food. Lidding films with anti-fogging capability prevent both of these issues from occurring.

  • Freezer-safe

Additionally, lidding films can maintain seal performance even in freezer temperatures. This attribute is also important in meeting consumer preferences for ready-made, single-serving meals.

Bostik manufactures smart lidding film adhesives designed to meet microwave, anti-fogging and freezer application needs. Contact a Bostik expert today for more detail.

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