March 18, 2019 - Flexible Packaging

Lower Costs with a Heat Seal Coating

As you may know, low temperature heat seal films are commonly used to package food products and consumer goods. These films are comprised of a heat seal resin coating that bonds the two substrates together using pressure and heat.

While common technology for these heat seal films creates effective bonds, it is often expensive. To address this issue and better meet your needs, take a look at an alternative option:

Common Heat Seal Coating Technology

Common low temperature heat seal films include water-based or solvent-based coatings. These coatings often use the following technology:

  • Polyvinylidene chloride
  • Acrylic
  • Ethylene acrylic acid

However, to achieve suitable anchorage, these coatings often require priming to properly prepare the base film. Priming adds time and cost to package production lines.

heat seal coatings

Alternative Heat Seal Coating Technology

To address this issue, Bostik developed a smart low temperature heat seal coating that does not require priming. Instead, it is able to adhere to many commonly used substrates, such as:

  • BOPP
  • PLA
  • Cellulose

Certain resins help achieve adhesion. In particular, these resins offer the ability to adhere to low surface energy substrates without the need for priming.

As a result, production lines can move more quickly and efficiently, helping keep costs lower.

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