March 31, 2021 - General Transportation

Marine Manufacturing: Build Sustainable Boats

According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, U.S. recreational boating has a $170 billion annual impact. But, what is its environmental impact? As more boat owners demand environmentally-friendly boats and equipment, many manufacturers are taking note. Get in-the-know, and be sure you’re building sustainable boats.

Renewable Energy and Hybrid Boats

A new type of boat has hit the marketplace. Powered by clean, renewable energy, such as electric, solar and wind energy, these “green boats” eliminate exhaust fumes from going into the water. Additionally, they provide a quieter, more comfortable right for passengers.

Hybrid boats have also taken to the waterways. In addition to appealing to consumer demands for sustainable boats, these electric-diesel yachts offer passengers a convertible interior and sleek, modern designs.

sustainable boats

Lighter Weight Boats

Manufacturers also are taking measures to reduce fuel consumption in boats that are powered with traditional motors. Certain tactics include:

  • Designing low friction hulls
  • Reusing heat from engine exhausts
  • Using less materials

For example, using modern methods of plastic construction under vacuum can produce the same hull strength as a traditionally-made boat but with 1/5 less material and the ability to release fewer pollutants.

Further, these manufacturers are using carbon fiber and lightweight sandwich construction in boat assembly for low environmental impact.

But that’s not all. Certain boat manufacturers are also incorporating recycled materials in boat designs, reducing the weight of their yachts by 50% when compared to traditionally-built models.

Adhesive and Sealant Bonded Boats

Manufacturers are also switching from mechanical fasteners to adhesives and sealants in boat manufacturing processes. In addition to reducing overall boat weight, these solutions enable:

  • Decreased material usage
  • Extended boat durability
  • Sustainable boat assembly processes

Bostik formulates innovative marine adhesive and sealant solutions designed to improve processes and reduce overall environmental impact. Contact an expert today to learn how these products can help your application needs.

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