July 5, 2017 - General Transportation

Three Factors Fueling Marine Sealants to Watch

The marine sealant market is set to continue its growth trajectory through 2024. Take a closer look at factors fueling this growth and applications for smart marine sealants.

Growth Factor #1: Performance and Sustainability

Marine sealants enable manufacturers to form watertight and airtight seals between two surfaces. With the ability to provide flexibility and considerable movement to the attached surfaces, these sealants also offer benefits over traditional metal fasteners. Furthermore, they can prevent vibration and the passage of noise and electricity.

Additionally, marine sealants provide a sustainable, environmentally friendly bonding option. This aspect coincides with society’s increasing preference for sustainable products. As a result, these capabilities are a primary factor in rising marine sealant demand.


Growth Factor #2: Shipbuilding

The rise in shipbuilding is also fueling marine sealant demand. Specifically, leisure boats are seeing higher sales volumes due to the rise in recreational activities and tourism. For example, commercial fleets and cruise ships are rising in demand. This means more boats will need to be manufactured and maintained, causing an increased use of marine sealants.

Growth Factor #3: Defense and Security

In recent times, marine defense and security has grown increasingly important. For example, having an updated and well-maintained depository arsenal is crucial in today’s world. This necessity causes a rise marine developments, which require sealants for manufacturing.

Given the rise in marine sealants and the important role they play in boat manufacturing, it’s a good idea to ensure the right products are chosen. Bostik manufactures safe, fast, efficient and high-performing marine sealants that are ideal for a range of applications. In particular, these applications include:

  • General purpose sealing
  • Above the water line sealing
  • Below the water line sealing
  • Window bonding
  • Lubrication
  • Deck to hull bonding

For more information on how Bostik’s marine sealants can help improve your manufacturing processes, view this relevant content:

You can also contact a Bostik representative today.

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