November 11, 2014 - Tape & Label

Masters and Apprentices

As any teacher will tell you, you learn as much from your students as they do from you. An instructor begins the process of education knowing a vast amount of information and techniques. They bestow that knowledge upon their students, and the students then apply that knowledge. What often happens is the students will approach a lesson differently than the teacher. A student will apply what was given to them by the teacher in unexpected ways. Sometimes, these new ways will be superior. The very best teachers will watch this happen, and they will absorb it. They will make it a part of their future process. The teacher learns and improves their methods, and thus, future students have superior educations.

This symbiotic relationship is regularly applied in more than just education. The very best products are improvements from the previous incarnation. If a company cannot learn from the people who use their products, they will never grow. They will never be any better than their competition. A company must see how their products are used as planned as well as how they are unexpectedly used.

Bostik is dedicated to constantly improving our adhesives. We are devoted to providing the best possible adhesives on the market. In order to accomplish this, we spend a lot of time working with our allied suppliers, specifically labeling manufacturers. We are out there in the field talking with the men and women who use our adhesives daily. This close relationship with the labeling equipment manufacturers allows us the insight we need in order to optimize our products. We study the labelng manufacturers’ needs and wants and apply them to our development process. Understanding exactly what is needed of adhesives in labeling allows us to customize and advance our products to suit every possible scenario.

As labeling manufacturers develop more streamlined processes, Bostik is there helping discover if our adhesives are suitable for these new methods. We have learned how our adhesives can best serve our customers. It is that same symbiotic relationship of give and take. We learn from the suppliers what we can do to make better adhesives, which the labeling companies then use. As they use our adhesives, the labeling suppliers then discover new desires and methods of application. They put our products to the test, and we encourage them to do so. As their understanding of the adhesives grows, Bostik is able to engineer even finer products. We are constantly learning more about our adhesives.

With this ever-learning process, Bostik has a engineered a complete range of adhesive technologies that guarantee there will always be the right adhesive for every need, be it on the manufacturing line or in the office, including Bostik Hot Melt PatternJet™ and water-based adhesives for glass and plastic. All of Bostik products were developed while working alongside our partners to improve and challenge our existing adhesives. This continuous process of research and development has streamlined Bostik innovation. Our accomplished engineers are working with our partners to identify the proper adhesive for their processes and specific applications.

The teacher/student relationship is how Bostik has been able to remain the very best in the world of adhesives. Our experts in adhesive engineering work alongside our trusted partners in label manufacturing and guide them to understand every aspect of our adhesives. As those manufacturers learn every possible application, they become experts themselves. They challenge our products with newer methods. From these new methods, we are able to develop even better adhesives. We become experts of their work as much as they become experts of ours. This back and forth allows both Bostik and our suppliers to constantly innovate. Like the best teachers who learn from the student, we are perpetually improving. In doing so, Bostik’s products remain the best adhesives available, and our partners become the best at what they do.

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