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How Mattress Adhesives Can Address Consumer Trends

Manufacturers are striving to keep up with consumer trends in the global mattress market. Find out how mattress adhesives can make it easier to address their preferences.

Trend #1: Customization

More consumers are looking for customized mattresses. In particular, they want mattresses that are designed to fit specific body types and sleep positions. For manufacturers, this can be a challenge as they work to implement sensors that can adjust air pressure, firmness levels and move automatically while people sleep.

Trend #2: Eco-Friendliness

Eco-friendly mattresses are another market driving trend, as more consumers want to ensure the products they purchase are sustainable. This means that manufacturers must use materials that are:

  • Non-toxic
  • All organic, such as organic cotton and wool 

mattress adhesives

How Mattress Adhesives Address These Trends

Fortunately, adhesives help manufacturers more easily address consumer trends in the following ways:


  • Adhesives enable design flexibility and can bond various dissimilar substrates together. This aids in manufacturing mattresses out of new, innovative materials.


  • Mattress adhesives reduce production waste and energy costs, contributing toward sustainable manufacturing processes.

Bostik manufactures smart mattress adhesives designed to keep up with increasing production demands, performance needs and sustainability efforts. Contact a Bostik expert today to learn how we can help you easily address consumer trends.

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