July 16, 2018 - Rigid Packaging

4 Reasons Why Metal Cans are a Beneficial Food Packaging Choice

Metal cans are one of the most consumed forms of packaging, as cited by Mordor Intelligence. Changing the way food is preserved since 1810, find out why they are still a beneficial food packaging choice today, meeting both manufacturer and consumer needs.

  1. Efficient Production

Metal cans are ideal for automated manufacturing processes. Constructed out of two or three metal pieces, they can be designed in almost any combination of height and diameter and enable continuous production line speeds. This allows manufacturers to efficiently keep up with consumer demand while keeping operating costs low.

  1. Enhanced Recyclability

Additionally, metal cans possess a recyclability rate 2.5 times higher than other food packaging options. Fully recyclable, they also can be reused many times over without compromising strength, integrity or quality. This capability aids in both manufacturer needs for sustainable operational processes and consumer desire to benefit the environment.

  1. Improved Reassurance

By offering 100% protection, these cans also are:

  • Tamper evident and tamper resistant
  • Able to prevent light or oxygen from entering can contents

These qualities provide both manufacturer and consumer reassurance that metal cans are a durable packaging option, safely protecting can contents for typical shelf life spans of two years.

  1. Increased Convenience 

Metal cans are also a versatile option to address single-serving and family-sized needs. This allows manufacturers to easily meet consumer demands for convenience and portability. Small and lightweight, metal cans also are easy and cost effective to ship and store for extend periods of time.

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