April 13, 2018 - Building & Construction

Metal Roofing Market Growth and Dynamics

Metal roofing is rising in demand among consumers of all age and income brackets. Take a look at why this type of roofing is gaining popularity and how its market is changing.

Why Metal Roofing is Gaining Popularity

Consumer preference for metal roofing is increasing because it reflects the following values:

  • Eco-friendliness: Often made from recycled, sustainable materials, it is very energy efficient and helps to reduce energy costs with high solar reflexivity.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Impervious to water and moisture resistant, metal roofing is also non-combustible and virtually maintenance free. This helps consumers save on roofing replacement costs, as this type of roof can often last 50 years or more.metal roofing

Metal Roofing Market Changes

However, as it rises in demand, the market itself is shifting to keep up. Traditionally, the market has been fragmented among many family-owned businesses. Lately, it has started to consolidate as the few larger companies gain prominence in the market.

Additionally, metal roofing is increasingly becoming field formed. According to Principia, field forming metal roofing is one way the market:

  • Reduces shipping time and costs
  • Decreases the likelihood of damage during transit
  • Meets customer needs faster and easier

Furthermore, roofing suppliers of other roof types, such as asphalt, are started to get into the metal roofing market given its popularity. This will mean increased need for installation training to ensure proper roofing performance.

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