September 8, 2016 - Building & Construction

Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved: What it Means for a Roofing Sealant, Adhesive

While the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June to November, The Weather Channel cites that hurricanes really ramp-up in August and September. This is due to several factors:

  • Sea-surface temperatures rise toward a peak in early Fall
  • Wind shear, which can rip apart a tropical cyclone, tends to be low during this time.
  • African easterly waves are well-developed
  • Saharan air layers, which normally prevent tropical storm development, give way by August.

As a result, concerns for residential and commercial building durability and safety are at an all-time high. Let’s take a closer look at one critical building component in particular: the roof and related assemblies.

A secure roof is comprised of various components including:

  • Joists
  • Decking
  • Fasteners
  • Underlayment
  • Shingles and roof tiles

One aspect that can be easily overlooked in its performance or function is a high quality roofing sealant or adhesive. However, it is an important element in ensuring a building’s durability and safety during a hurricane.

maami-Dade County recognizes this. Post Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the county enacted stringent building codes to mitigate future natural catastrophe damage. These standards extend to all elements in building construction, including sealants and adhesives.

roofing sealant

For roofing sealants and adhesives in particular, Miami-Dade enacted a comprehensive set of protocols that must be followed. Two principle protocol areas include roof assemblies and roof tile attachments.

Roofing Sealant or Adhesive for Roof Assemblies Protocol:

In order for a roofing sealant or adhesive to be approved for use in Miami-Dade, it must pass various tests. For example, the product’s adhesion strength to steel, wood, vinyl and aluminum is tested along with its tensile strength, UV resistance, ozone resistance and heat aging.

By meeting these specifications, a product is Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved, meaning it has passed the tests and is able to withstand high velocity wind speeds.

roofing sealant

Roofing Sealant or Adhesive for Roof Tile Attachments:

Roof tiles must be attached to the roof deck. Miami-Dade has a comprehensive set of protocols for the roofing sealant and adhesive products used to repair or re-attach roof tiles. While traditional attachment methods are rigid, using a more flexible elastic bonding attachment enables the roofing sealant or adhesive to maintain performance in high velocity wind speeds.

This approval is important in ensuring building safety and durability in the event of a hurricane.

Bostik 915 is the first and only product of its kind on the market that has received an approval both as a roofing sealant and as an elastic bonding adhesive for roof tiles. Learn more about this product by calling 800-7-BOSTIK. You can also check out Bostik’s other high performance sealants and adhesives by visiting www.bostik.com/us.

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