February 23, 2018 - Aerospace

The Modular Aircraft Concept, How it Benefits Manufacturers

Responding to consumer trends for convenience, customization and connectivity, aircraft interiors have introduced new features including inflight WiFi and touchscreen entertainment systems for each passenger. Yet interiors still have fallen short of truly addressing top consumer trends until now. Gain insight into a new modular aircraft concept currently in development and its benefits.

What is the New Modular Airplane Concept?

The new modular airplane concept will offer customizable aircraft interior cabins per flight. Specifically, this means that one single aircraft can cater to various passenger desires depending on its travel destination and flight time. For example:

  • A plane can be equipped with sleeper bunks for an overnight flight.
  • That same plane can then be turned into various spa rooms for a daytime flight.
  • For another destination, the plane can feature gyms, kid-safe play zones and more.

While modular planes in general aren’t entirely new to the market, this particular new concept makes customization achievable on a large scale, using existing aircrafts and airports’ existing infrastructure.

modular airplane

How Can the Modular Airplane Concept Benefit Manufacturers?

In addition to better addressing consumer desires, the modular airplane concept can benefit manufacturers.

With this concept, manufacturers will be able to finish aircrafts quicker and more efficiently. This is because cabin interiors will be able to be done in tandem with the exterior structure, which currently isn’t possible.

Furthermore, it will make specialization less complex. All components will already meet certifications, safety requirements and be fully integrated. This will reduce current time spent and challenges associated with ensuring specialized parts are aligned with various operating systems.

Other Potential Benefits

Yet these new modular airplanes will benefit more than just the passengers and manufacturers. Opening up significant advertising opportunities, brands will be able to pilot certain products and create new touch points with consumers.

Aircraft interior adhesive use will likely rise as well, given the varied interior applications per model. Therefore, it’s important for aircraft manufacturers to consider interior adhesive technologies as the new modular airplane becomes a reality. For information on smart aircraft interior adhesives, visit www.bostik.com.

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