May 6, 2016 - Assembly

Best Practices for Using Never-Seez® Anti-Seize and Lubricating Compounds

For five decades, Bostik’s Never-Seez products have been recognized as the industry leader in anti-seize and lubricating compounds. Let’s take a closer look at this product and some best practices.

What is Never-Seez?

Never-Seez is a thread lubricant applied to nut and bolt assemblies. It serves as a protective coating that remains on metal parts even after extended exposure to the elements. Features and benefits of Never-Seez include:

Protects from seizures at high temperaturesBolts, flanges and other parts are removed in less time without damage
Resists galvanic actionDissimilar metals do not react at contact interfaces, application facilitates smooth operation of moving parts
Prevents galling (friction welding)Prevents damage at assembly, lower scrap cost; speeds up disassembly
Protects against rust and corrosionParts do not corrode, extending service life and creating non-destructive disassembly

Best Torque Practices When Using Never-Seez:

A main function of using Never-Seez lubricant is to reduce the amount of friction when assembling nuts and bolts. This allows you to apply the least amount of torque to achieve the maximum tightening force.

Application Case Study:

Use Never-Seez on both the threads and bolt cap. The bolt cap is a commonly neglected area. However, it contributes more friction than the threads. Applying Never-Seez to the bolt cap improves product function and doesn’t lead to a destructive disassembly.

The use of Never-Seez Regular Grade requires about 30% less torque while providing the same clamping force on threads. Never-Seez Pure Nickel reduces torque by 15%, and Mariner’s Choice requires 41% less torque. This torque percentage is even lower if Never-Seez is applied to both the threads and bolt cap, which is the preferred method.

Without Never-Seez, the amount of torque is between 50-80%.

Best Practices for Proper Application When Using Never-Seez:

When Never-Seez is properly applied, the assembled bolt can be reinstalled. This reduces replacement costs and maintenance down time. Consider these steps when applying Never-Seez to the bolt’s threads:

  1. Apply liberally to the base of the threads, ensuring that the full circumference is covered. There is no need to coat the full length of the threads.
  2. Screw the nut on the bolt all the way up the shaft. Then, unthread it off. This fills in the anti-seize evenly between the bolt and the threads, ensuring proper coverage for effective lubrication.
  3. Apply under the bolt head before installing.

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