December 13, 2017 - Aerospace

How New Aerospace Developments Reflect Passenger Values

As with many markets, technology is rapidly reshaping the aerospace industry. Take a look at several ongoing aerospace developments and how they respond to passenger values.

Reducing Flight Time

Today’s consumers prefer on-the-go convenience that doesn’t slow down their hectic schedules. Additionally, more are flying than ever before due to economic improvements and an increase in leisure travel abilities.

To address these societal shifts, a supersonic commercial aircraft is currently one aerospace development. Slated to fly at a 2.2 mach, this aircraft would respond to passenger values to spend less time traveling. Additionally, the decreased flight time would enable more flights per day by cutting flight times in half.

aerospace developments

Increasing Passenger Capacity

In addition to cutting flight times in half and enabling more flights per day, another aerospace development is underway for an XL airframe. This type of airplane would be able to meet even greater passenger capacity, allowing more passengers to reach their destination at a time that works for them.

Improving the Environment

Two other ongoing developments address passenger values for environmental friendliness. One in particular entails testing being done on a sustainable jet fuel. A blend of traditional and sustainable biofuels, this new fuel will decrease aircraft CO2 emissions and improve the industry’s carbon footprint.

Also aimed at helping the environment is the ongoing development hybrid electric aircraft. While still in testing for the next decade, this type of aircraft will help reduce noise pollution.

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