September 30, 2022 - Flexible Packaging

On-Demand Webinar: How to Solve Blushing for Reseal Packaging Applications

Manufacturers increasingly utilize reseal solutions in food packaging designs to meet brand owner and consumer demands for package convenience and reusability. However, while reseal packaging has allowed manufacturers to meet those demands, there have been issues with blushing. Specifically, with reseal packaging for produce applications, the reseal packaging design has at times led to moisture buildup and product degradation.

Fortunately, there is one adhesive solution that eliminates blushing in reseal packaging to preserve package integrity and food freshness. Do you know what it is? Find out in our on-demand webinar!

During this webinar, learn how:

  • Blushing negatively impacts your reseal packaging
  • The right adhesive that eliminates the problem
  • The best ways to use this one-of-a-kind adhesive on your production line

“We are always determined to help manufacturers address the latest packaging challenges that may otherwise prevent food freshness and protection,” said Amy Wenning, Technical Service Representative at Bostik. “We’re excited to share how this adhesive solution can easily stop blushing problems in reseal packaging with manufacturers so they can improve processes and end-use performance.”

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More about our speaker:

Amy Wenning, Technical Service Representative, Bostik

Amy Wenning  
Technical Service Representative – Bostik   

With a degree in Chemistry from The Ohio State University, Amy has over 20 years of laboratory experience in the specialty chemical industry with an emphasis on pressure sensitive adhesives. During her career, she has focused on product development and improvements, product analysis, field trials, troubleshooting as well as research and development. Additionally, Amy is well-versed in managing client relations and working cross-functionally between R&D and Sales to ensure customers get the right solutions that fit their needs.  

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