Online Order Fulfillment Assembly Line Trends

As e-commerce skyrockets, the online order fulfillment process adapts to keep up with rising demands. Certain ways the process has changed to meet these demands are as follows:

  1. Downgauging Materials

Plants are using thinner papers and label release liners along with lower adhesive coat weights. This enables them to reduce costs while increasing material mileage.

  1. Using Sustainable Substrates

In addition to downgauging materials, plants look to reduce energy consumption and improve sustainability. Using highly recycled package substrates, such as corrugate, helps plants lower carbon footprints. Likewise, low energy substrates, such as poly bags, reduce energy costs as well.

  1. Increased Automation

To meet high online order fulfillment needs, assembly lines are moving faster than ever before. This means plants rely more heavily on automated processes that offer operational efficiencies and look to use materials that can keep up as well.

What These Trends Mean for Label Adhesives

Label adhesives play an important role in meeting all online order fulfillments. In response to these trends, adhesives must:

  • Adhere to thinner substrates without failure or adhesion issues
  • Wet out difficult substrates, such as low surface energy and corrugate
  • Work well on automated equipment and not cause production issues

Bostik manufactures label adhesives that address these items and keep production lines moving. In particular, Bostik understands the value of working proactively to avoid problems before they arise. In particular, this includes:

  • Technical work to understand the adhesive to roller interactive
  • Knowledge of which specific adhesives to use for each application
  • Proactive lab work to understand adhesive to substrate interaction

For more information on these smart solutions, visit www.bostik.com.



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